We are crypto natives bent on giving the world the SOFTWARE it deserves.

Tacen is changing the way crypto is traded and settled. Gone our the days of giving up asset custody or relying on faulty protocols to bridge into new chains. We are a group of blockchain experts who are committed to bringing you the easiest, safest, fastest exchange ever created.

Jae Yang

CEO & Founder

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John Bugnacki

Chief Strategy Officer, General Counsel

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Patri Friedman

Founder & sole GP of Pronomos Capital

Founder of a venture fund for charter cities and network states. Former Googler, math/CS/business grad, and governance leader.

Shah Hafizi

General Counsel, US & Chief Compliance Officer at Genesis Group

Previously: CCO at BlackRock, Special Counsel at SEC.

Joeri Van Geelen

Founding Partner at NxGen.xyz

Strategic advisor to multiple blockchain initiatives.

Clarence Liu

CTO at OwlProtocol.xyz

Technical advisor to multiple blockchain projects.

Jorge Pesok

CLO at HBAR Foundation

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