Trustless trading with no account creation, bridgeless cross-chain swaps, and no loss of custody. You stay in control at all times while dipping into a centralized orderbook. The perfect blend of CEXs and DEXs – Tacen Exchange is bringing you the future of DeFi today.

Tacen Exchange, Trading terminal interface.
Tacen Exchange

Fast Transactions, Decentralized Settlement

Tacen Exchange is the first hDEX built on top of the Project TXA settlement layer. This allows users to perform transactions at industry standard speeds while keeping user funds secured in a self custodial smart contract. Tacen Exchange merges a CEX and DEX to create a fast, safe, and trustless user experience.

Tacen Exchange, Asset Dashboard interface on a  Macbook mockup
Tacen Swap


Wanting to experience trading on the Project TXA hDEX, but don’t need the bells and whistles? Maybe you’re looking for just a basic swap, and you don’t care about margins and stop losses. Tacen Swap brings you the benefits of the hDEX experience, but streamlined and made easy.

Tacen Launch

From idea to token to launch

Tacen Launch is a full launch service offered by Tacen. We help bring tokens to market by providing counseling and tools to comply with regulatory changes. Tacen launch also supplies automatic KYC, development tools, and other services to help with post token launches.

Tacen Launch Interface on a Macbook mockup.
Tacen Blog

Internal & External crypto coverage

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