Building products for the future of regulated decentralized finance

Tacen is a world leader in crypto compliance. We help entrepreneurs successfully launch tokens, traders trade more securely, and the community stay on top of the most important trends in crypto regulation.

Your exchange should never hold your crypto

Centralized exchanges can't protect your assets and identity from hacks, data breaches or involuntary disclosures. Decentralized exchanges will never offer traders top-tier trading performance. Tacen’s Hybrid Decentralized Exchange takes the best of both and creates something new.

From idea to token launch in 6 months

We have painstakingly gathered industry best practices and turned it into a token-launch playbook to craft your unique project’s strategy.

Tacen is at the forefront of crypto compliance

Tacen’s legal team has extensive experience helping individuals and entities navigate the murky world of crypto compliance. Tacen Regulatory Corner is a weekly blog published by Tacen, detailing compliance trends and news. Tacen Regulatory Corner has been featured Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and Cointelegraph.

Our Clients

Web3 streaming platform
Build fearlessly on Web3
Clean energy mining at scale
Find, fund and foster

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