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Tacen: 2022 So Far and 3rd Quarter Updates

Written by
Steph Chan
Published on
August 14, 2022

Tacen started in 2019 with the goal of creating a better exchange experience for everyone. Since then, we've been building and steadily working to bring a new kind of hybrid decentralized exchange to life. One that combines the best of the trading world. Where users keep custody of their crypto, can participate in settlement and earn while doing so. Let us take a moment to recap the year thus far, the work we've done and what is coming next.

Q1 kicked off this year working with projects under our newly launched Tacen Compliance product. Tacen Compliance aims to help projects launch their tokens, compliantly. More than a launchpad where you can create a token in 5 minutes, Tacen Compliance is like a consultancy. Where we take the time to ensure that you are aware of and doing the right steps for your token. We've learned it takes at minimum 6 months for a project to launch a token compliantly. Due to the heavy time commitment, we've decided to reduce the number of companies we take on by creating a cohort program. Our cohort program will allow us to dedicate the necessary time and to provide hands-on help where needed to the projects we accepted. Moreover, we will be releasing more information about these companies soon!

Q2 was a combination of building and sharing. Our engineering team spent the quarter heads down building out hDEX, while our event team was busy attending, speaking and sponsoring conferences. Just our Director of Digital Marketing alone attended 8 conferences spanning over 4 cities and 2 countries. Furthermore, our events team traveled to an additional 3 countries and attended another 5 events. We tackled major events like AIBC, WBS Dubai, BTC Miami, PBWS, DevConnect2022, and Consensus to some smaller events like Shitcoin Miami and DCentral. The main goal was to increase overall brand awareness. In particular, the events team spent majority of their time on the ground networking to make valuable connections and educating new individuals to the Tacen ecosystem. We will be launching a new event recaps, coming soon to our blog.

Q3 is underway and while the market has taken a hit, we continue to build getting that much closer to completing hDEX. Recently Project TXA ( who is building one half of the hDEX architecture, released their open source code for the Decentralized Settlement Layer (DSL), (read about it here: Allowing us to move several steps closer to a launch. After years of development, we are preparing to open the doors to the first wave of public users.


We put high importance in the overall functionality of the product and our code base. So to ensure we are able to tweak and adjust as we go, we've decided to release hDEX in phases. Which will allow us to control the influx of users, ensure data is collected properly, and to respond to any issues quickly.

A high level overview of the release plan is as follows:

Internal alpha > External Alpha > Internal Beta > External Beta > Official Launch

The Internal Alpha testing group will consist of internal stakeholders such as employees or advisors. While, the external Alpha will be individuals that have previously earned an early spot, such as pre-stakers, early signups and community members. Both Alpha groups will be conducted within an environment utilizing fake funds. Our Beta groups will utilize real funds and will be invite only. The sign up for hDEX Alpha is currently closed, so if you signed up previously, congratulations - you're in! Please keep an eye out for a special announcement about alpha access. If you missed out on sign ups, you may be able to catch a chance for alpha by joining our or Project TXA's community, links below.

Project TXA:









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