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Project TXA Launches Staking Campaign – $TXA Rewards, Automatic Token Burning

Written by
Logan Smith
Published on
January 12, 2023

Our partners at Project TXA have launched a staking feature for their token ($TXA) that we think our users will find very exciting. To help their staking campaign stand out from the competition, they are highlighting it with two attractive features: $TXA Rewards, and automatic 1:1 burning of company $TXA to reduce overall supply.


The Project TXA staking feature involves locking $TXA into a 6-month staking contract, which will receive 50% annualized $TXA Rewards paid from the Project TXA reserve. Every $TXA that is locked into a staking contract will trigger Project TXA to automatically burn one of their own $TXA – resulting in the circulating supply reducing even further and the scarcity of $TXA further increasing.

Project TXA team members have made themselves ineligible for staking rewards in order to avoid accusations of conflict of interest.


Step 1: Visit the Project TXA staking website here:

Step 2: Connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking the “CONNECT WALLET” button in the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Click the “Stake $TXA” button in the middle of your screen.

Step 4: Select the amount you want to stake, paying close attention to the Redemption Date on the right of the staking box.

Step 5: Check mark the two boxes at the bottom and click on the “CONFIRM AND STAKE” button at the bottom right of the screen to begin to stake.

Step 6: Approve the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 7: Wait for the transaction to process. Do not close this window – staking usually takes 10-20 seconds to process, but it can take up to several minutes depending on network activity.

Step 8: Success! You have now staked with Project TXA!

If you have already staked with Project TXA before in Pool 1, you will need to migrate your stake to Pool 2.

To get started with Project TXA’s staking campaign, visit the staking website here: Following their Twitter account will help you receive instant updates and joining their Discord server and becoming active will qualify you to win extra TXA tokens.

*Yield is calculated in $TXA amounts, not in USD or equivalent amounts.*

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