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Updates and Improvements on Tacen Exchange

Written by
David Jimenez
Published on
May 22, 2023

Alpha Update: Exciting New Features and Improvements on Tacen Exchange

Hello Tacen community! We're thrilled to bring you some exciting updates in our Alpha release. Our team has been working diligently behind the scenes to introduce new functionalities, improve our existing features, and fix bugs to enhance your trading experience on Tacen Exchange. Here's a quick rundown of what we've been up to:

Exchange-wide Changes

  • Enhanced Order Payloads: We've implemented changes that support updated order payloads. Specifically, we've prepared the platform for the addition of the Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order fill type. This means a market order will fill as much as it can immediately and cancel any unfilled portion. This feature is designed to optimize the way the Tacen Swap product interacts with the order book.

Public API

  • IOC Fill Type Support: Our Public API now supports the IOC fill type. This addition will provide you with more flexibility and precision in your trading strategies.


  • Order Indexing Efficiency: We've introduced features to improve the efficiency of order indexing, enhancing the speed and reliability of your trading experience on Tacen Exchange.
  • Support for New Blockchain Events Data: Our indexer now supports new data in blockchain events, providing a more comprehensive view of on-chain activities.

Public Streamer

  • Updated Order Payloads Support: The Tacen Public Streamer has been upgraded to support the new order payloads (order source) and the IOC fill type. This ensures real-time updates are more accurate and informative.

Admin API

  • Message Format Bugfixes: We've addressed some bugs in our message formats, leading to a more seamless interaction with our Admin API.


  • New Service Deployment: We've rolled out a new service designed to better sequence the order of events that occur on the blockchain when interacting with Tacen Exchange. This enhancement will provide better management of actions like deposits and withdrawals.

HDEX Resource Worker

  • Improved Process for Tradeable Pairs Addition: We've improved the process for adding new tradeable pairs. Our aim is to simplify the process of adding new pairs, assets, and entire networks in a way that is non-destructive.


  • Message Format Bugfixes: We've also fixed some bugs in our message formats for the Wallet-registry-recorder.
  • Updated Asset Custody Smart Contracts: We have updated our asset custody smart contracts to sequence all deposits and settlement requests. This ensures that all transactions are processed in their correct on-chain sequence number.
  • New Backend Service Deployment: Lastly, we have deployed a backend service to ensure deposits and settlements for a blockchain are processed based on their on-chain sequence number.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with a secure, efficient, and user-friendly trading experience on Tacen Exchange. We are excited about the progress we've made and look forward to sharing more updates in the future. Stay tuned!

As always, we value your feedback. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about these updates, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Happy trading!

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