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A new generation of crypto exchange

Trade freely with Tacen, the all new legal‑first non‑custodial exchange.

A new paradigm

Blazing Fast. Immutably secure.

Centralized exchanges are too risky and decentralized exchanges are too slow. Imagine institutional-grade speed combined with full sovereignty of your money.

The Tacen architecture is blockchain agnostic, instead relying on a decentralized network of oracles running on DFINITY's Internet Computer in order to track and provide trade data for our unique coordinated settlement process.

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hDEX Architecture

Full advanced orderbook meets decentralized settlement.

Decentralized settlement

Tacen never holds user funds. All trades are done P2P. Your money stays safe because the exchange never touches it.

No account needed

You won't need to worry about having your personal data stolen when trading on Tacen. Just link your wallet and begin buying and selling.

Legal-first approach

Our architecture is built to fully comply with all applicable regulations, including those of the SEC, FinCEN, and CFTC.

Diverse pipeline of products


Our token launch platform is a suite of tools intended to guide companies interested in launching tokens of their own in a regulatory compliant manner.


Coming soon

We will launch an exchange built on our unique hybrid decentralized architecture.

Mobile SDK

Coming soon

Our SDK’s will be able to be integrated with any crypto wallet, dApp ,or even traditional applications to allow users to exchange their tokens with minimal to no friction.

NFT Exchange

Coming soon

We see immense opportunities in tokenized real assets, virtual assets and more. Tacen is already in advanced talks with several NFT projects to connect our technology and ecosystem.

Want to learn more about crypto regulations in the U.S.?

We’ve got you! Sign up here to receive a copy of our Tacen Primer on U.S. Crypto Regulators to learn more about the major U.S. regulators and how they regulated the industry.

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