Launch your tokens compliantly

Easily verify your purchasers, store purchase documents, oversee token creation, and manage token disbursement schedules.

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Own the compliance process for your token launch

Tacen Compliance provides the industry know-how to allow companies to launch their own digital assets while maintaining control over the entire process, thus being able to effectively own the issuance process without needing to trust an expensive third-party for compliance needs.

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Free up your time

The Tacen Compliance platform guides companies and entrepreneurs through the token creation, launch, and distribution process so they can go back to what is most important: running their business.

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“I am trying to run a fintech business and I am spending 70% of my time managing purchases for my token launch.”

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A full end-to-end token issuance suite

Tacen Compliance covers purchaser KYC/AML, legal document management, wallet validation, automated token disbursement, and long-term storage of documentation for legal audits.

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“I don't want to go to jail for breaking a rule that I didn't know existed in a country I've never been to.”

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Want to learn more about crypto regulations in the U.S.?

We’ve got you! Sign up here to receive a copy of our Tacen Primer on U.S. Crypto Regulators to learn more about the major U.S. regulators and how they regulated the industry.

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