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2021 Year End Review

Written by
Steph Chan
Published on
December 30, 2021

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season filled with cheer. Here at the Tacen workshop, we’re ending the year just as busy as we started! As we close out the year, we are recapping some of our biggest highlights to sum up 2021.


A major milestone of 2021 is that we were able to build out our leadership team. To date, our leadership consists of:

Jae Yang, CEO
Clarence Liu, CTO
Budd White, CPO
Jorge Pesok, GC & CCO
Vincent Chow, CFO

Tacen acquired our first company, Kawazu Sakura Software. A Japanese firm with a track record of developing high quality apps using the latest technology. With this acquisition, we’ve expanded our engineering team, opened an office in Japan and have rapidly increased our developmental efforts. More information about this acquisition coming soon.

Between the acquisition and regular hires, we now have over 35 FT contributors worldwide! Interested in joining us? Check out our openings:


The Blockchain Association aims to be the unified voice of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. All members of the Blockchain Association have a strong presence in the US and are known to have a positive track record of regulatory compliance. We joined leaders in the space such as, AAVE, BlockFi, Circle, ConsenSys, Dash, Grayscale, and UniSwap, to name a few.
A full list of members is available here:

When Tacen joined, we became the first company pre-product that was granted membership. As a member of the Blockchain Association, Tacen proudly takes on the responsibility of building, investing, and advocating in this growing ecosystem. Read more about it here: and more the growth of the Blockchain Association here:



Tacen Compliance

In October, the team launched Tacen Compliance at Money 20/20. Tacen Compliance is a suite of products intended to guide companies interested in launching tokens of their own in a regulatory compliant manner.

Read more here >

Frameworks are Key

One of the biggest wins on the product side was successfully implementing new internal processes for how things are done within the company. After some trial and error, we’ve finally got into a groove for product development and are well on our way into development of our hDEX. We anticipate opening a public beta in 2022, stay tuned for more information.


Project TXA

Our most notable partnership is with Project TXA. Project TXA is creating an open-source Decentralized Settlement Layer and Tacen is a main code contributor. The DSL is a key component to our hDEX infrastructure. We also partnered with Project TXA to help them launch their token $TXA with our Tacen Compliance product. Read more here >


Another partnership is with SupraOracles. Their VRF technology will add another layer of security and protection against any hacking attempts to the SDO platform. SDOs is a major component of the DSL and is ran by community members.
Read more here >


As we grow as a company, somethings are bound to change. This year, we spent some time thinking about ourselves and came up with a new brand, logo, and design that better defines who we are. In addition to the new logo, we launched a new website (live here) and are putting the final touches on a brand-new blogging system, coming soon!


  • Our legal department has been working hard, keeping up with the latest developments in crypto laws and regulations. You can follow along with The Regulatory Corner. Excitingly, the Regulatory Corner is usually published on our blog, but the most recent story was published on Cointelegraph (
  • hDEX is development is progressing at a steady rate, and we are aiming to onboard beta users in Q2 2022. We will be completing intensive internal QA until then. If you’re interested in joining our beta group, be sure to join our Telegram channel for more details when the time comes!

It’s been a crazy year and we’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re getting ready to hit the ground running in 2022. So if you haven't already, be sure to join our community to be the first to know about new developments!

Tacen Website:
Tacen's Regulatory Corner:

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